Cat Marine Engines

If you make your living on the water, few things are more important than having a reliable boat engine that won’t let you down. And there’s nothing like a failed engine to ruin a relaxing pleasure cruise. Empire Southwest carries Cat® marine engines from Caterpillar Marine Power Systems, manufacturers of engines featuring the Cat and MaK brands. Every Cat marine engine is backed by more than seven decades of experience and technological innovation to ensure peak performance and unmatched dependability. Choose from our complete line of diesel engines, auxiliary engines and generator sets.


There’s a Cat Marine Engine for Any Application

No two vessels are alike, so Empire offers high and medium-speed Cat marine engines specifically designed for your own unique vessel and application. Caterpillar produces engines for the various marine industry segments such as general cargo, tug and salvage, fishing, dredge and offshore, as well as all types of pleasure craft. Cat marine engines include revolutionary features such as the Electronic Control Module that automatically makes key engine adjustments for improved performance and greater fuel efficiency.

Cat and MaK Diesel Engines

Together, Cat and MaK diesel propulsion engines offer the widest selection in the industry. Choose from more than 20 Cat engines, including the 3056 with a power rating range of 125-205 bhp and the ultra-powerful C280-16 with a range of 6169-7268 bhp. MaK engine models include the M 20 C with a rating range of 1390-2330 bhp, and the M 46 DF with a range of 7340 to 11010 bhp.

Cat Auxiliary Engines

Cat auxiliary engines can serve a multitude of functions. While many vessel operators rely on these Cat engines for use as gensets, they can also be used to power pumps, winches, conveyors and more. Like the propulsion engines, these Cat marine engines feature a variety of power ranges, from the C9 with a range of 217-361 bhp, to the C280 series with a range of 2320-7268 bhp.

Cat Gensets

Cat generator sets provide the power your vessel needs to get the job done and get you back to shore at the end of the day. Every Cat genset is designed and constructed to provide maximum length of service life, as well as easy installation in your vessel’s engine room. They’ve also been approved by the leading marine classification organizations, ensuring their safety.

Contact Empire to learn more about how Cat marine engines can improve the performance of your vessel and increase the productivity of your business!

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