Cat® Articulated Trucks

Cat Articulated Dump Trucks

Articulated dump trucks are a versatile addition to a wide variety of essential earthmoving applications. In addition to their versatility, Cat articulated dump trucks bring reliability and durability to your operation, helping you achieve the maximum return on your heavy equipment investment.  

Empire Cat, the Southwest’s Cat dump truck leader, offers an unbeatable selection of these dependable machines. 

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Cat Dump Trucks Are Available in All Types and Size

Caterpillar has always understood that not every machine is right for every purpose. That’s why you’ll find a wide range of Cat articulated dump trucks to meet the needs of all types of operations.

If you need a smaller vehicle — that is, if you can call a truck that delivers 309 hp and carries a 26-ton payload “small” — there’s the 725 articulated truck. Features include a roomy two-person cab and innovative Cat ACERT™ engine. If the task at hand calls for all the power you can muster, there’s the 469 hp 740.

Ejector Dump Trucks

If you are looking for a reliable ejector truck, Empire Cat has you covered. The Cat articulated truck line includes the 730 Ejector that features a 31-ton rated payload and a 325 hp gross power capacity delivered by the Cat C11 ACERT engine. The electronically controlled transmission offers greater productivity while lowering overall fuel consumption. The larger 740 Ejector offers a 42-ton payload capability along with 436 gross hp.

B Series: The Next Generation of Cat Articulated Dump Trucks

In 2011, Caterpillar took articulated dump truck technology to the next level when it unveiled the B Series line. These revolutionary machines offer reduced exhaust emissions for cleaner, more energy-efficient operation. The improved cab design and traction control systems offer greater comfort and easier handling, enhancing operator comfort and productivity. The increased engine power makes the B Series even more capable of handling any job, regardless of how demanding it might be. Available B Series Cat articulated dump truck models include the 735B, 740B and 740B Ejector.

Learn More About All That Cat Dump Trucks Have to Offer

To learn more about the many ways a Cat articulated dump truck from Empire can make your operation more efficient and improve your company’s bottom line in the process, click here. The Empire Cat product experts will also be happy to answer any questions you have. Contact us today to receive a no-obligation Cat articulated truck quote!

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