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Digging jobs can come in all types and sizes. Regardless of the excavating task at hand, there’s a Cat® Excavator designed to meet the challenge.

Empire Southwest offers a huge selection of Cat Hydraulic Excavators ranging from Cat Mini Excavators to Cat Long Range Excavation machines. All of our Cat Excavators provide the reliability, durability and technological innovation you’ve come to expect from Caterpillar, the worldwide heavy equipment leader. 

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Cat Mini Excavators 

Cat Mini Excavators such as the 301.6C give you maximum versatility and maneuverability as well as the extra advantage of low operating costs. Despite its relatively small size, the 301.6C features a roomy, comfortable cab that keeps operators fresh and productive during the rigors of a long day on the job site.

Small Hydraulic Excavators

With a capability of up to 125 hp, these “small” Cat Excavators are big on power. The 319D L/319D LN is easy to configure and operate, and can accommodate a wide variety of tools and attachments to maximize productivity. The ACERTengine combines low emissions with the power and performance you need.

Medium Hydraulic Excavators 

If you need just a bit more horsepower, the 328D LCR is a medium-size machine with a net flywheel power capacity of 204 hp. A large number of available booms, sticks and bucket attachments enable you to customize this highly effective Cat Hydraulic Excavator to meet the specific demands of your application.

Large Hydraulic Excavators 

Large machines like the 336E L offer the sturdy frame and durable undercarriage needed for rugged environments like quarries and heavy construction sites. Despite its large size, the 336E L is equipped with a variety of fuel-saving features that help keep operating costs low.

Material Handlers 

Cat Material Handlers such as the 385C MH are ideal for demanding work environments like recycling, warehouses and seaports. Our Material Handlers are designed to deliver maximum lifting performance and can accommodate a wide range of work tools.

Ultra High Demolition Hydraulic Excavators 

Cat Ultra High Demolition Excavators are highly specialized machines designed to increase productivity during every phase of the demolition process. The heavy-duty upper frame is capable of withstanding the most extreme of work environments.

Long Reach Excavation 

Long Reach Excavation machines from Cat provide the long-distance reaching potential that standard machines just can’t match. You also get the excellent digging capabilities you need from an excavating machine.

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Learn more about the entire Cat Hydraulic Excavator fleet. And don’t forget to contact Empire for your free Cat Excavator quote!


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