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A Cat® Telehandler can be a valuable addition to your agricultural or industrial material handling fleet. A telehandler can serve a variety of important functions in your business. It can easily be fitted with pallet forks and used as a forklift to move materials around a warehouse or construction site. By extending the machine’s boom, the telehander can also work as a highly effective crane. Empire’s extensive selection of Cat Telehandlers can give any business a lift. View all available models


With a rated load capacity of 5500 lbs., the TH255 is the smallest Cat Telehandler Empire sells. However, the machine’s compact size also enables it to easily maneuver in tight spots where space is limited. The two-section boom provides a maximum lift height of 18.4 ft., and the Cat C4.4 Tier 3 DIT engine offers more power than you might expect from a relatively small machine. Available work tools include lumber and cubing forks, several different bucket types and lifting hooks.


The larger TH406 Cat Telehandler offers a maximum lift height of 20 ft. and is powered by a Cat C4.4 DITACC engine. The operator station is designed for comfort and safety, while the single joystick control makes for easy operation. The boom can be fully extended in as little as five seconds, and lowered in only four seconds, ensuring you won’t waste valuable productive time.


The TL1255 is the Cat Telehandler with the largest rated load capacity of an impressive 12,000 lbs., along with a maximum lift height of 54.3 ft. and a maximum forward reach of 42.5 ft. This Cat Telehandler is powered by a potent Cat C4.4 TA engine capable of attaining a top speed of 18.9 mph, so you’ll waste little time getting from Point A to Point B. Available work tools for this machine include pallet and cubing forks, a variety of carriage options and a hydraulic IT coupler.


Put Our Cat Telehandler Expertise to Work for You 

With so many Cat Telehandlers to choose from, finding the right one for your business and its numerous applications can be a challenge. At Empire, we make the selection process easy by giving you access to the most knowledgeable heavy equipment sales team in the industry.

Contact us today for your no-obligation price quote, and be sure to check out the Cat Telehandler product page that is chock full of valuable information. You can also view a Cat Telehandler in action by viewing the video below.

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