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Cat® wheel loaders are the ideal machine for moving large amounts of materials like dirt or gravel around a job site. Caterpillar, the worldwide heavy equipment leader, offers a full line of wheel loaders designed to help you move more and make more.

Empire is proud to offer an extensive selection of compact, small, midsize and large Cat wheel loaders. Regardless of the type of industry, job site or application, there’s a durable Cat wheel loader to meet your needs. 

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Compact Wheel Loaders 

Small-but-mighty compact Cat wheel loaders such as the 904H combine strength and versatility into one highly effective machine. The strength comes from the high performance power train, while the versatility comes in the form of the wide selection of available work tools that enable you to customize the machine to the task at hand. You might not expect such a small machine to also be comfortable, but this Cat wheel loader features a spacious cab and easy-to-use controls that will suit any operator.

Small Wheel Loaders 

The 930H is a small Cat wheel loader that always comes up big when it’s time to get the job done. The 930H features VersaLink™, an exclusive linkage design system that maximizes toolcarrier controllability, as well as the Quick Coupler feature that makes work tool changes fast and simple. Available options include a joystick with integrated third function controls that provides easier-to-maintain control of the load linkage, and the Ride Control System for a smoother ride on any type of terrain.

Midsize Wheel Loaders 

Midsize Cat wheel loaders like the 962Kare powerful enough for many heavy-duty operations but still small enough to provide maximum maneuverability in tight spaces. This machine offers a potent net power rating of 224 hp delivered by a Cat C7.1 ACERT™ engine.

Large Wheel Loaders 

If you need the most power a Cat wheel loader has to offer, the 994F is the right machine for you. With a gross power rating of 1600 hp, this machine is no shrinking violet, and the sturdy Cat hydraulic system provides precise and trouble-free operation. The 994F is also equipped with Vital Information Management System® technology, giving it plenty of brains to go along with its brawn.

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Learn more about all that Cat wheel loaders have to offer. And be sure to contact Empire for your no-obligation Cat wheel loader price quote. 

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