Track-Type Tractors

Cat Bulldozer & Track Type Tractor

Track-type tractors are ideal for navigating soft, uneven ground that can’t accommodate big, heavy wheels. And there’s no better way of negotiating the challenging terrain on your job sites than with Cat® track-type tractors. 

Cat track-type tractors feature the revolutionary Cat Undercarriage to enhance the machine’s durability and overall performance. Empire is your source for the reliable and durable track-type tractors that will help you make more and move more. Now that’s progress. 


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Small Track Tractors for Sale

Our extensive selection of small track tractors for sale includes the remarkable Cat DK5. This sturdy 20,741lb., 96 hp machine features state-of-the-art ACERT™ engine technology that combines superior performance with excellent fuel efficiency. The AccuGrade Laser and GPS Systems improve grading efficiency, as they result in fewer operator passes to complete the job. Although small in size, the DK5 is equipped with a roomy cab and seat-mounted controls that offer greater operator comfort and handling capabilities.

Medium Cat Track-Type Tractors

As part of our quest to provide track tractors for sale to meet any need or application, we offer a vast assortment of medium Cat track-type tractors. A shining example is the Cat D6N. At 150 hp, it has plenty of “juice” to get the job done, and you’ll enjoy this machine’s superior maneuverability. Like all medium Cat track type-tractors, the D6N offers the perfect balance between strength and flexibility.

Large Track-Type Tractors

Sometimes, you need all the strength you can get in order to tackle a particularly challenging job. That’s why Caterpillar offers a line of large track-type tractors that won’t let you down.

The Cat D11T/D11T CD gives you a robust twin-turbocharged 850 hp of power, delivered by a Cat C32 ACERT engine that can meet any demand you place on it. The cutting-edge implement and steering controls ensure operators won’t have to sacrifice anything when it comes to comfort and handling.

Waste Handling Track-Type Tractors

Whether you operate or work in or around a landfill, you’ll appreciate what Cat machines like the D6N WH Waste Handler have to offer. The combination of the 150 hp ACERT engine and host of debris-resistant features make this the perfect track-type tractor for all types of waste handling applications.

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