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A Cat® Wheel Tractor-Scraper can be an excellent heavy equipment fleet addition for any operation that requires moving materials efficiently. Cat Wheel Tractor-Scrapers provide a winning combination of power, traction and speed that help you increase your productivity.

Empire Southwest offers a complete selection of wheel tractor-scrapers with a variety of scraper options for all types of earthmoving applications. 

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Towed Scrapers 

Towed wheel tractor-scrapers such as the TS185 are known for the unparalleled durability that enables them to withstand even the most demanding environments and applications. The TS185’s bowl interior is constructed from high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel that reduces the impact of wear over time. The walking-beam suspension helps to improve cycle times while maximizing operator comfort. The TS185 is designed to be towed by Cat Track-Type or Challenger tractors.

Elevating Scrapers 

The Cat 623G Elevating Scraper’s 32 mph maximum travel speed and ability to load and spread while on the go makes this an ideal wheel tractor-scraper for applications where getting the job done quickly is essential. The electronically controlled Cat engine features cutting-edge ACERTtechnology that is designed for compliance with today’s stringent emissions standards. The unique elevator mechanism actually conditions the materials as it operates.

Coal Bowl Scrapers 

Machines like the 657G Wheel Tractor-Scraper are perfectly suited for coal applications. The low, wide scraper bowl offers the large capacity needed for high-volume coal operations and its tandem power increases efficiency. The reliable power train won’t let you down when you need it most, and the electronically controlled custom hitch makes for a smooth and comfortable ride that can ultimately result in increased operator productivity.

Open Bowl Scrapers 

The Empire wheel tractor-scraper inventory also includes a wide assortment of open bowl scrapers, including the 637G. This highly productive and maintenance-friendly machine includes the option to incorporate a unique “push-pull” arrangement so you can harness the horsepower of two machines. The versatile auger arrangement provides superior self-loading capabilities for all types of materials. The 637G is designed for servicing simplicity, which reduces the machine’s downtime and keeps it on the job site where your need it most.

Learn More about Our Wheel Tractor-Scrapers 

Learn more about the Empire line of reliable wheel tractor-scrapers. You can also see a wheel tractor-scraper in action by checking out the video below. Feel free to contact us for additional information and to receive a free wheel tractor-scraper quote!

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